Recently, aspiring journalist Hannah Clarke came to work for a week in our PR department. Currently studying English Literature and Journalism at Cardiff University, she quickly became part of our team and we will hopefully be seeing her again soon.

Here is a little snippet from Hannah, talking about what she learnt during her time with us:

This week I had the joy of working with the exquisite jeweller David Marshall, whose studios rest in the heart of London’s reputable jewellery quarter: Hatton Garden.

As an aspiring fashion journalist, I was ecstatic to be given the chance to work with such a high-end jeweller and I can undoubtedly say that I absolutely adored every single day! Not only was I able to have exclusive previews of the beautiful designs for Spring/Summer (including the gorgeous stones and precious materials), I was also taught by David’s team about the pure skill and expertise which go into creating each individual piece of beautiful jewellery.

David is so passionate about his jewellery that every item that leaves his studio, whether it is a bespoke engagement ring or a ready-to-wear piece, always is individually measured up to his own standard of quality. This means that David’s own personal touch is always infused into every creation, and also that his finished pieces are always nothing short of unparalleled perfection.

The designing and development process is also infused with David’s own love and care, as his watchful eye always overlooks every step of the way. Usually originating with the inspiration of David’s handpicked selection of beautiful stones, the design process considers the colours and allure that each jewel possesses.

To bring these designs to life, David decides which of the different methods of creation is most appropriate.

The more organic designs with soft curves lend themselves more to being hand crafted in David’s workshop, either directly into precious metal or intricately carved out of wax, and then casted in to platinum or gold.

Geometric and symmetrical designs can usually be created on the computer using 3d modeling software. The 3D model is then built in wax, using one of David ‘s 3D laser wax printers, and the wax models will then be cast in metal. These cast pieces will then go into the workshop where they will be assembled and hand finished by one of David’s master craftsmen.

The level of expertise and craft, which goes into every piece in David’s workshop, truly is astounding and it was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to see it first hand.

A huge thank you goes to David and his team for one amazing week; I am looking forward to seeing you all again for some exciting events happening later in the year!

I am so grateful to have had the chance to see such beautiful jewellery, and to also see the absolute craftsmanship and devotion that goes into David’s jewellery was an added pleasure!

Thank you once again!


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