Have you ever noticed how your diamonds have a life of their own while enjoying the summer sun? They just seem to sparkle that little bit more while on holiday don’t they?

We all need a soft sea breeze and maybe a rosé or two in the sun while on holiday. But how can we insure our jewellery is having a jolly time to? Follow our basic summer sunning tips to keep your gems sparkling and safe while on holiday.

Pre holiday beauty treatments:

Before you jet off somewhere gorgeous why not pop in and have your pieces cleaned in store? We have the best cleaning facilities to remove any dirt that could potentially spoil a family photo.

Are you covered for loss or damage abroad? Maybe have a little check
Oiling up:

When you apply your lotions and potions be careful to avoid your jewellery. Oil can spoil how our diamonds reflect the light so they can look a little bit grim. Especially pearls! I have one rule when it comes to pearls – ‘Last piece on – First piece off!’ Try to avoid spraying them with perfume, or swimming in them as the threads could become fragile.
Diamond selfie:

How can we take the best diamond pictures? Its a common question! Find the sun (natural light is the best and most flattering). Once the sun has been located turn your back to it. Hold your hand up and wave into the distance. Catch that scintillation on camera, by video first… Then your ready for the close up. If you have an Iphone, simply click on your diamond ring to focus then quickly snap it up! TIP – If you are struggling to hold the phone in your hand use the upper volume button on the side of your phone to snap away. That acts as a shutter when you are in photographer mode!!
Diamonds are beautiful anyway but next to tanned skin they become alive!
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What stones do we think look best in the sun?
Diamonds & Opals

What is the best cocktail to accompany a diamond?

What is our favourite collection to wear on a summer holiday?
Beach Rocks of course


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