David is often seen supporting charities, from donating luxury jewellery for live auctions to bike rides in St tropez to Monaco! His latest adventure of trekking in Snowdon this weekend.
Rug sack packed and new boots on, David and friends supported the charity CheckemLads.
Checkemlads.com is run by Testicular Cancer survivors and soldiers who help men and their loved ones going through testicular cancer.

David chose to support this charity as its a small charity and one thats not often mentioned. The cancer is a killer of young men around 26. Unfortunley a close friend has suffered with this cancer so raising awareness is a priority.

Check ‘them’ often, and if you catch it quick, the cancer can often be overcome.
Raising awareness and having fun with friends, can you think of a better way to spend a sunny weekend?

To join and support David please visit this link below.



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